Wednesday, December 07, 2005

College mascot

My DH works for a college that has a mascot which makes me uncomfortable. It's the devil. Well, a devil. I think they chose it for the athletic dept. because of the legend of the Jersey Devil, but they're not the Jersey Devils, just the devils. And they have a kid dress up in a costume of this figure for their football and basketball games.

Now, my three readers will probably get my reasons for discomfort with this but others will not. I don't want my kids going to football games with a friendly fiend there. I think in a subconscious way that they will be desensitized to the Evil One by interacting with this kid in a cartoonish devil costume. That is simply dangerous. I don't want to freak my kids out, but I have had this discussion with Primo: There is a real devil, not the guy at daddy's football games. He doesn't like people. He wants to trick us to do things that make Jesus sad. We have to be careful about him. We have to remember that Jesus loves us all the time, even if we mess up, but we have to try real hard not to mess up.

I'm thinking about writing a letter to the president of the university. There has got to be a better mascot out there. I'm a little concerned because it is my DH's employer, but bad thing happen because good people stand aside and do nothing, right?

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