Thursday, December 01, 2005

I have to stop going to these meetings

WARNING: the following is a rant. Proceed with caution.

My couterparts in ministry from the neighboring parishes are, as a whole, some of the most bitter women I have ever had the chance to meet (there are a few notable exceptions). I haven't met a bigger bunch of women who were more pissed off that they weren't born men.

This may be an unfair characterization. Then again, maybe not. It's my rant. I'll say what I want to.

We held the county Parish Catechetical Leaders (PCLs) meeting here today-we rotate it through different meeting sites every few months). Last time, I got my skirt in a bunch 'cause we worshipped autumn in our opening prayer. This month, we had another helping of Archbishop bashing specifically and man bashing in general.

They whined that we are unappreciated in our ministry. "If all the women who work in the Church took a 9 month sabbatical (9 months for a reason, folks), then they'd appreciate us!"

Well, ladies, not everybody appreciated Jesus when He was walking around either. Did he whine about it? NO. SUCK. IT. UP.

It all gets down to power. The bishops and priests have it, they think. These women want it. They're ticked off since they're out of the power loop. Well, ladies, you strike out again. Power is not the point.

If you're currently a priest, or a man in priestly formation, please correct me if I'm wrong. The call to the priesthood is an incredible gift from God. It is not a right. It is a gift. It is also a sacrifice. These are men who are called to give up the love of a wife, the joy of sexual intimacy, and the happieness of children of their own to care for them as they age and infirm. All for the love of Holy Mother Church and for the infinite love of Christ. This is a hard life that these men are called to. Imagine: funeral in the morning, go to graveside, baptism after lunch, wedding at 3, Mass at the old folks home at 4:30, then your Sunday vigil Mass and a full Sunday Mass schedule, plus getting called to a deathbed in the middle of the night. Who in their right mind wants that for himself or herself? These are special men who are called and given strength through their Holy Orders and by our prayers for them. say a quick prayer for our priests right now.

Can we talk about ordaining women for a second? I have talked about this before, but honestly, if Jesus wanted women to be priests, don't you think He would have called Mary, His Mother, the only sinless human being conceived besides Himself, as one of the Apostles? He defied culture and tradition regarding the treatment of women in every way during His life on Earth. Why didn't He ask Mary Magdalene to be an apostle?

I am tired of talking about this! Where is the humility here? Where is any other sort of imitation of Christ that we care called to as Christians? I am having a hard time seeing it. Suffering, sometimes at the hands of the clergy, is part of life as a Catholic in ministry. Offer it up for the good of your parish. Better: offer it up for the person whom you feel is persecuting you. Jesus suffers worse than you or I ever will. And He is innocent. We bring some of our suffering on ourselves sometimes. We sometimes deserve it. We can unite it with Christ's for the good of the whole world.

running out of steam...

That feels a little bit better. I had a lot of good thoughts when I was driving around in the car a little while ago. Naturally, when I sat at the keyboard, they all left me. I do my best philosophizing when I'm driving. *sigh*

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