Saturday, December 31, 2005

tag--i'm it

Penni tagged me with new liturgical year resolutions meme earlier this week. I'm getting around to it now, so I guess they're going to be new calendar year's resolutions.

1. I will get myself organized at work by the end of January. My secretary quit in August and I was a month without one. I am woefully behind.

2. I will continue to get to daily Mass at least twice a week (not including Sunday). I did it during Advent and it was very very good.

3. I will stay on top of my college coursework (I don't get any more extension requests).

4. I will make up the "Honey do" list my husband has asked me to do (No snarking. He really DID ask me to make one up). He got a new position with the University he works for and now he will have nights and weekends free!!!!!

5. I will not put crap into my mouth to eat because I will not gain 65 lbs. (*again*) with the new pregnancy.

If you'd like to do this one, consider yourself tagged.

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