Thursday, January 12, 2006

5 Random Facts meme

Tomissar has tagged me with the 5 random facts meme. You should stop by and read his. He's a really good storyteller. But read mine first so you're not woefully disappointed in my storytelling because you read his stories first.

1. I am friends with 2 other pregnant Amy's. My best friend is named Aimee (note the different spelling) she is due in July and I just met a great gal named Amy at a wedding this past weekend and she is due in April. Also of note in my relationship with Aimee is that we went to college together, we were in the same major and both of our maiden names can be used as men's first names. One of our English professors said he was going to write a story about it. He was actually the one who had called our attention to that fact. We hadn't thought about it before.

2. I at one point seriously considered applying to the Air Force Academy, but when I saw that you were required to participate in a varsity sport, I decided not to bother. I am not athletic. At all.

3. I drink a lot of seltzer water. At least a liter a day. We buy Vintage Wild Cherry by the case, and it has doubled in price in the last 2 years. And the grocery store we frequent NEVER has it in stock. It's a happy day when mama gets her case of Seltzer.

4. The first concert I ever attended was Harry Connick, Jr. at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. My dad took me for my 14th birthday and I think that Harry Connick Jr. was standing outside of the venue when we left. It was early in his career (right after "When Harry Met Sally" came out-he did the soundtrack) and I think he wanted to know if anyone would recognize him. I, being a very dorky 14 year old, was too nervous to go talk to him, all I could do was stare. I have obviously overcome the shyness (see "I turned into a real dork when..." post).

5. I used to do a good bit of theatre in high school and if there was a German housekeeper or landlady, that was my part. I was the housekeeper in "The Sound of Music" junior year and I was the landlady in "I Am a Camera" the summer before I went to college. That gives you a clue about my appearance: red hair and freckles ;) Oddly, I am not of German extraction at all.

I tag: Arthur and Mark

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