Monday, May 05, 2008

Look at the image at left. Now read this:

Bubba after Mass yesterday:

Daddy, why do all the people in heaven wear helmets?


Aimee said...

Full contact holiness! :)

Barb, sfo said...

Obviously they ride their motorcycles from cloud to cloud.

Did you ask him why HE thinks they do that?

Kate P said...

That's a clever observation. (I can just hear my brother answering his kids, "You see, Heaven is on the moon, and there's no air up there. . ." Well, he did convince his stepson that they went to Cakeville to get his birthday cake one year!)

Bubba probably would have a lot of questions about the statues at the main church of my ethnic Italian parish, too.

Amy Giglio said...

Barb, he said it to Scott, not to me. Bub's got a million of these, though. There was the time Scott took the kids to Burger King and there was another boy Bub's age whose mom was trying to get him to leave and he was giving his mom a hard time.

Bub: "Dad, why doesn't that boy want to leave?"
Scott: "I guess he must like it here."
Bub chews up his chicken nugget: "I like it here because it smells like french fries."