Saturday, May 17, 2008

One of the things I love about my 7 year old son is that he can get himself a glass of milk.  Just like he's doing right now.   He's getting ready for our interview.  

Me: Is this your first interview?
Primo: Yes. 
M: What do you think an interview is? 
P: I don't know. 
M: OK, so an interview is a where I ask you a bunch of questions. 
P:  Yes, right
M: What kind of things do you like?
P: I really like NASCAR and I like baseball. 
M: Who is your favorite team?
P:  The Yankees. 
M: Why?
P:  'Cause they're the best players around (in a tone of voice that just screamed, "Everyone knows THAT!")
M: Duh!!!!  Who is your favorite Yankee?
P: Derek Jeter 
M: Why?  
P:  Because he plays 1 of my favorite positions: shortstop. 
M: Why is shortstop your favorite position?
P: Because you are close to the hot corner and you get to make a whole lot of relays to 2nd (base).  
M: Where did you learn about this stuff?  Like the hot corner thing?
P: Dad said that 3rd base is sometimes called the hot corner because you sometimes get a whole lot of balls.  
M: You are teaching me a lot of stuff.  Did you know that?
P: No.  
M: You didn't know that everybody doesn't know that?
P: So I guess you didn't know about the hot corner.   
M: You would be right.  

Primo is a wonderful boy.  I know I'm his mom and I am biased, but he really is.  He's very bright, but what's even better is that he's very loving.  He looks out for other kids, especially his baby sister.  

Primo really likes baseball.  A lot.  He and Bubba should have played today, but it rained so much yesterday that the fields were unplayable.  It's starting to feel like more games have been rained out than played.  That's disappointing to both the boys (and their dad), but I think Primo feels it most.  

Primo is a funny guy.  He loves telling and playing jokes.  He's at an age now where he's so independent in so many ways, but he'll still come up and snuggle with you in your lap.  It's a beautiful thing.  

In the kitchen, a few minutes ago:

Primo, just in from our mudpit outside (AKA: the backyard) reaches for the bowl containing the Whoppers candies I just poured out for him: 
Me: No!  Your hands are filthy!
Primo spits in his hands; rubs them together.
Me: No, wash them in the sink.  


Aimee said...

Wait, wait! you forgot the part where you tell everyone how handsome he is, and how Francie is going to marry him because they are not "real cousins." :)

Kate P said...

I love that age--they soak up whatever interests them like sponges!

P.S. thanks for your prayers; I'll keep you posted on the novena! :)

Amy Giglio said...

Aim, he is handsome, and now with my Flickr page, everyone can see my blond haired oldest boy! That was so funny when Francie and Primo were talking about getting married. Just so everyone knows, he's taking her to the desert for their honeymoon! It's got a lot of cool wildlife. And nothing says love like a desert.

Kate, I know everything will work out. Just trust in Him. Let me know what St. Rita works out for you!