Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Take your Bubba to Work Day: The interview

Bub has wanted to come to the office for me for a while now. He used to come with me every day when he was a baby, but then when my mom stopped working, she started watching him for me. So I declared today Take your Bubba to Work Day. I picked him up from school , we had lunch at home, then we came in. He's been here for about an hour and a half. He's started to grumble about how bored he is. So I decided to interview him.

Me: Bub, how are you enjoying being at the office today?
Bub: Good. I didn't know it would be this long. It's not usually this long. Why is it taking so long?
M: It's actually sort of boring, that's why it's taking so long. Bub, what are someof your favorite things to do?
B: Go to the beach.
M: Why?
B: Because I like going swimming and playing on the sand.
M: I like those things too. Who is your best friend?
B: You or Alex or Michael or Travis or maybe it's someone else here at my St. Johns School. M: Bub, if Jesus was sitting right here next to you, what would you ask him?
B: I don't know.
M: You don't know? Did you ever wonder about why certain animals look the way they do...?
B: I do have a couple of question like why did he make robins blue?
M: He didn't make robins blue, they are orange and gray...
B: I mean blue jays blue.
M: Do you think that blue is a good color for a blue jay?
B: uh huh
M: What do you want the world to know about you Bub?
B: (*shrugs* looks at my computer screen) How do you put that question mark there?


Kate P said...

Awww. . . he said "you" first when you asked who was his best friend. *sniff, sniff*

Aimee said...

Those cheeks, those eyes, that little man voice -- what's not to love about Bubba?!

Amy Giglio said...

Kate, for the record, I did not prompt him to say that. :)

Aimee, I know, he's super cute. It's hard to say no to him. And he knows it.