Saturday, May 03, 2008

Scott and I just got back from seeing Iron Man. It was awesome!!!!!  I am not a huge comic book fan, although I did get into the X-men as a teenager and I have attended at least one Star Trek Convention, but I knew who Iron Man is.  This was a great movie.  I hope it does well because I want a sequel.  Fanboys, stay till the end of the credits.  You'll hate yourself if you don't.  And girls, Robert Downey Jr.  is way hotter in this movie than Patrick Dempsey.  Do your husband/boyfriend a favor and suggest this movie.  Don't make him go see Made of Honor.  Pay to see Iron Man then next weekend, rent My Best Friend's Wedding.  


Kate P said...

I was wondering if this was any good--glad to hear it!

Robert Downey, Jr. will always be hotter than Patrick Dempsey. Always.

Amy Giglio said...

Kate, Robert Downey Jr.'s beauty makes me sing praise to God for the wonder of His creation. And I will always sing louder about him than Patrick Dempsey too.