Friday, March 26, 2010

7 quick takes Vol. 3

1. Is this all I have time for right now? These posts with 7 bulleted points? Yes. Apparently it is.

2. I now have sinus and cold madness that was exacerbated by the powerful spring cleaning I did last Sunday. It was powerful Spring cleaning in the sense that I don't think we had cleaned the boys' room since summer. Forget about dusting. Did I mention my horrible dust allergy and my asthma? And I didn't use a dust mask while cleaning? And how I must not be all that smart?

3. Is it wrong for me to want the heavens to open and start pouring rain so I don't have to take the Kindergarteners and 1st graders outside at lunchtime?

4. I've been working with a 10 year old who is being prepared to be received into the Church this Easter Vigil. I'm so blessed to get to work with these kids.

5. Confirmation Prep classes are done. I think they went well. After Easter, things start to gear up with Confirmation Masses and First Communion Masses. I'm just trying to get through May 2.

6. I'm hoping that using the gift certificate I got for a local Spa (massage and manicure Sunday!) will go a long way toward helping me get through the next month.

7. Got appointments for an eye exam for me and Primo tomorrow morning. We think he needs glasses and I could probably use a new prescription. I also want to start wearing contacts again. And did I mention that I think I need reading glasses? Dang, I'm 34! Too young for reading glasses!

More more quick takes, go visit Jen at Conversion Diary. Thanks for hosting us, Jen!


Kate P said...

Hee. I pray for rain so little league is canceled and we get parking somewhere near the rec building for pilates class.

Oh, eyesight. I feel ya, sister.

Amy Giglio said...

Just got back from the eye doc and it turns out the prescription I've had for the last at least 10 years is too STRONG! Ain't that something?

Kate P said...

I hear that happens--your close-up vision gets worse while your distance vision gets better. So weird.

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