Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's YOUR kid doing at school?

Bub's filling out his 1-100 number chart like this:
...30, 31, xxxii, xxxiii, xxxiv, xxxv, xxxvi, 37, xxx8, xxx9, 40, ...

And writing the date like this: III/8/10

And doing addition like this: II + I = III

And asking his teacher: "When you said you told us that 50 times, were you speaking metaphorically?"

And when his gym teacher asked them to make letter shapes with their bodies, he made a GAMMA.


Maybe instead of making him repeat Kindergarten we should have just put him in 3rd grade.


Christine M said...

That sounds so much like my son (now in 4th grade). He used to write the factorial of numbers instead of the number. And Roman Numerals were big too. Oh - and when he learned hieroglyphics that's how he always wanted to write his name. So, I can totally relate!

Barb, sfo said...

Did I miss why this kid has to repeat kindergarten? He sounds like he's more than ready to move on!

Amy Giglio said...

Christine that's too funny. Our boys do sound alike.

Barb, we kept him back a year because of his age and his immaturity. He's a great kid, but on the social development side, he really needed to be one of the oldest kids in his class instead of one of the younger ones.