Friday, November 04, 2005

My husband, my hero

Bubba got up crying at 5:00 yesterday morning. So, after I sat next to his crib a while and he went back to sleep, I returned to bed. I have not been feeling well, I started a cold 2 weeks ago which turned into an evil sinus infection on Halloween night. It was the first decent night of sleep I've gotten in a while thanks to Zithromax, finished early by the 2 year old waking up. I go back to bed to discover that Primo Giglio, the elder son, had taken the bed over completely. I squished back into my spot next to the DH and closed my eyes when I heard it:


It sounded just like somone was on my steps. I lay there, and didn't hear anything else. My mind was racing. Bubba's in the next room. No one is in our house. What if someone is in our house? What if they took the baby? I was paralyzed. If we had a phone upstairs, I would have called the cops.

I woke the DH. "Babe, I just heard a step sqeak. Like there was someone on it."

"OK." He rose from his sleep and grabbed his Maglite flashlight. I got out of bed and stood next to him. He motioned for me to go back. I said, "Please go check on Bubba. I want to make sure he's still there and OK." He goes around the corner and peeks his head in the boys' room. I hear, "Mommy? Oh, HI DADDY!" "Shhh... go back to sleep." "OK" and he laid back down. Primo wakes up, "I'm so hungry." "Daddy will bring you some thing in afew minutes, OK?" "OK, like a banana?" "No, we're out of bananas. Maybe some cookies." "Oh, great!" "Your daddy is so brave." Primo either didn't hear me, or he knows his daddy is brave beacuse he didn't reply.

Noiselessly, like a ninja, DH stands at the top of the steps. He turns on the flashlight. He goes down the stairs, checks out the house thoroughly. He returns. "There's no one here." "Good. Primo is hungry. There are some Teddy Grahams in the tin in the kitchen." "OK, I'll be right back." He returns with Teddy Grahams to the delighted chuckles of a 4-1/2 year old boy.

Last night, I must have thanked him about 20 times for going to defend his family against the invisible, nonexistent foe. He shrugged it off. "But, you were such a man. You were going to defend your family with a flashlight, then you went and procured food for your son! I'm so proud of you!" "Amy, it was Teddy Grahams and there was no one here. What would you have done?" "I would have stayed in bed and prayed there was no one here." "That probably would have been the smart thing to do."

My husband is awesome!

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