Thursday, November 17, 2005

So, did you read Swimming with Scapulars?

No? What's wrong with you? ;) Get thee to a library (or and get it, read it, then read the next paragraph.

You read it? Good. Did you know that the author, Matthew Lickona, has a blog? Did you know that someone he knows has started a "Swimming with Scapulars" online forum where you can exchange thoughts and ideas on a plethora (I've got an English degree so I know fancy words ;) ) of topics with other people who read Matthew's stuff (including Barb, the SFO mom) and Matthew himself? Don't you want to hang out for minutes on end with cool people like Barb and Matthew? I do. That's why I go to for the Swimming with Scapulars online forum. See you there!

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