Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good for you, Joe

Joe Torre decided not to take the Yanks' offer to just return for the 2008 season. Good for him. He can do better. Go coach for an organization that wants you. Go hit the broadcast booth. Go sit on the beach a while. You've earned it, Joe.


nicole said...

I agreee completely. I can't believe Steinbrenner made those comments before the end of the Division Series. Any other organization would be thrilled to have a manager lead their team to the playoffs twelve years in a row. As a TX Rangers fan, I would love to get Torre, but we just signed our guy to an extension and Torre is too expensive anyway. Torre also looks a lot like my dad, so I'm naturally inclined to cheer for him!

Amy Giglio said...

You know, Nicole, someone's going to pick him up. And he'd probably take less money to go elsewhere. My eldest looked a little misty when he saw on our local news that Torre wasn't going to coach the Yanks. he's been the Yanks' manager his entire life.

It's just nice that he's walking away with his dignity.