Thursday, October 18, 2007

She's talking more

The baby, who I'm going to start referring to as "Curly Sue" since she's quickly becoming less of a Bambina, is starting to use more words. It's kind of funny when she wants me and yells "HEY!" Less so when it's at 2:00 in the morning.

Bubba hit her on the head this afternoon and I turned to her and I said, did your brother hit you on the head? She responded by hitting herself on the top of the head. I said, where did your brother hit you? Again, the self-hit on the top of the noggin.

Later, as she was finishing her dinner, I asked her if she wanted some more to eat. She grunted and nodded in the affirmative. I asked her if she wanted some grapes. She started at me. I said, "Curly Sue, yes or no, do you want some grapes?" she gave me the grunt and nod again.

She picked up a lolly that belonged to Primo. And she is really not ready yet for lollypops. So I said, "Oh, sweetie. That belongs to Primo. Can you give it to Primo?" She walked over to him and babbled something that sounded an awful lot like "Here you are."

Give her 2 months and she'll be talking in complete sentences. Good grief where does the time go?


Barb, sfo said...

LOL, I love when they are learning to talk. And she's a girl. That's motivation in itself for talking. Hand her a phone and listen in disbelief to what she will say! LOL!

Amy Giglio said...

She "talks" to Elmo on a Sesame Street phone already. It's too funny watching her walk around with it, babbling into it.