Friday, July 29, 2005

cute things kids say

We just returned from the local bookstore with cafe with the boys. The little one, I'll call him Bubba, is nearly 2 and he's talking, but he doesn't say the first sound in a word all the time. If he says the word for this number: 11, he says leaven, Daddy is addy, etc. He has been trying to say prayers before bed. The sign of the cross goes like this: "Fathuh, Un, Oley Pirit, A-em!" DH went to the cafe to get cookies and coffee and Bubba shouted :"Addy! Back eere!" Which tanslates into :Daddy get back here! He said it at least 3 probably 4 times. It was pretty funny.

Be on the lookout for a post by the elder boy this weekend. We tried working on one before bed, but he's just too tired to do it. He totally clammed up. Which is funny because he never usually has a problem talking.

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