Thursday, July 28, 2005

I love Dr. Seuss

He can be a little ovious with his message sometimes, but I love him anyway. We read "The Big Brag" tonight before bed, which can be found in the book "Yertle the Turtle and other stories."

"The Big Brag" is the story of a rabbit and a bear who are bragging about how awesome they are. The rabbit thinks he's the best because he says he can hear a fly cough 90 miles away from their hilltop. The bear thinks he's the best because he says he can smell a slightly stale hummingbird's egg 600 miles away.

They get their comeuppance from a little worm who says his eyesight is better than the rabbit's hearing and the bear's smelling. The rabbit and bear ask him to tell them what he sees. The worm says:

"And I kept right on looking and looking until I'd looked 'round the world and right back to this hill! And I saw on this hill, since my eyesight's so keen, The two biggest fools that have ever been seen! And those fools that I saw were none other than you, who seem to have nothing better to do than sit here and argue who's better than who!"

Then the little old worm gave his head a small jerk and he dived in his hole and went back to his work.

I have been reading a lot of comments on these blogs lately, and as my husband read this to our sons tonight, I thought it might be useful for those of us who blog to see this and think about it a while.

Goodnight boys and girls.

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