Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh, for the olden days

I'm not 30 yet, so it is truly far too early for me to start reminiscing about the good old days, but as I was in Mass this weekend, I found myself (an Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion) wishing that the priests would come out to distribute communion-like they used to do here until a few years ago. I began to think this as I realized that there were 5 laypeople serving as EMCs for that Mass. We have 4 priests living in our rectory. Where are they? I thought.

While I was at it, I began to miss the communion rail. I miss kneeling to receive Our Lord. At least our tabernacle is in the center of the church, behind the altar, where it ought to be. And we've got a real crucifix hanging above it.

I'm posting this because I read Dr. Blosser's page today where there is a good discussion about the Liturgy. He also had a link to Fr. Joseph Fessio's article about the Liturgy called "The Mass of Vatican II", which I found to be extrememly edifying. After reading it, I'm not sure I should go back to singing with the guitar group for 7:00 Saturday night Mass anymore.


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

If you're under 30, how can you miss the Communion rail?! I'm over 30 and I never experienced kneeling for communion in my lifetime. Interesting.
I guess what constitutes "olden days" depends on where and in what parish you grew up!

Now I haven't read Fr. Fessio's article, but what would you stop you from offering praise to God in song?

Praying for your new R.C. baby,


mamagiglio said...

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia where
I grew up was among the last to change anything. I was a little too young to get it then, but I think all of the changes happened near the end of John Cardinal Krol's tenure or after he died. There weren't altar girls until I was in high school and we knelt at the rail until 1988.

Fr. Fessio's article doesn't look favorably on the guitar Mass, but i was thinking of joining the regular choir anyway. It's all a little complicated. And it isn't all to do with the article. I think i'm feeling a little nostalgic.

Thank for your prayers, Mark. You're in mine as well.