Thursday, July 21, 2005

VBS 2005

We've been running Vacation Bible School here at St. John's this week. Tomorrow is that last day. We have nearly 80 kids from ages 4-11 in the classes and we have about another 20 teens helping, mostly for Confirmation Service hours, but we got a good number of high schooler who just wanted to *gasp* help out! It's been awesome!

We're running the Catholic Edition of Group's "Serengeti Trek" which a lot of Bible Churches are running too, so I get all these people asking me: "Do you know that this is the same thing as blankety blank Bible Church is doing" To which I say, "The theme is the same, but a Catholic Publishing company made over the program to make it conform to the Catechism."

Gosh, I'm getting tired of saying that.

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