Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Reading Lumen Gentium

I'm reading it for Ecclesiology I in Franciscan U's distance Learning Program. I have 12 undergrad theology credits to make up before I can start the MA Theology program. It is a really exciting document! I would have finished it last night if the baby hadn't woken at 11:00 to demand I snuggle with him. Ah well. I'm a wife and mother before I'm a student.

Can't wait to read Gaudium et Spes!


Sr. Lorraine said...

It's a great document. A key to it is the idea of the ecclesiology of communion, which was central to the Council.
You probably know this too, but the chapter on Mary was the occasion of one of the biggest debates at Vatican II: should Mary have her own document or not? Including her in LG made it clear she is a vital part of the Church.

Der Tommissar said...

(and even '80's. I thank God for the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary of Philadelphia for their teaching me the right stuff when I was in Catholic elementary school in the '80's)

I'm sorry, I saw this on an older post you wrote.

Where did you go to school, Sacred Heart? Mt. Carmel? We had the Sisters of St. Joseph and then the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the Christian Brothers.

mamagiglio said...

In grade school, I was at St. Martin of Tours in Oxford Circle (the Great Northeast!). After a brief stint with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Montgomery County (Queen of Peace Parish in Ardsley-now the IHMs teach there), I went to Bishop McDevitt HS in Wyncote, PA where I had 3 lay religion teachers and a diocesan priest. But I credit the IHMs at St. Martin's for really making sure we learned the right stuff. Cardinal Krol was very orthodox, God rest him!, so he deserves a lot of the credit for how I turned out too.

Der Tommissar said...

Another child of Krol!

As someone from South Philadelphia, I'll count the North East as part of Philly..just this once. I never knew there was a St. Martin of Tours school in the archdiocese. I took Martin for my confirmation name in his honor.

Mom was not happy.

I've answered the questions you tagged me with.

mamagiglio said...

Martin is a fine saint! I'm sorry your mom wasn't happy with it though! St. Martin's parish was one of the largest, if not the largest, parish in the Archdiocese. There were about 1800 kids in the school when I was there.

Thanks for answering the meme. It is my first one and you were one of the first people I thought of. Hope it wasn't too much of a bother.