Monday, October 10, 2005

More reasons why I won't be going back to my old OB/GYN

I posted a while back that I found a pro-life OB/GYN practice. I hadn't had my first appointment yet when I had the ectopic pregnancy, so I went to the old group. I had my 6 week follow-up today.

First, when I made the appointment 6 weeks from last Friday, I made it for October 7 at noon. I get to the office on Friday and the receptionist said. "Your appointment is for the 10th at noon." I was like, oh. my bad, until I realized I was supposed to take the Confirmation class to a tour of the Cathedral in Newark today and there was no way I would have made the appointment for today. The lady I talked to must have put it into the computer on the wrong day. To be fair, the receptionist said that they'd had a few emergencies and they couldn't even squeeze me in. ButI was OK with it since today is a holiday.

Went back there today and the nurse puts me on the scale. I am going to say here that I am overweight. I am not morbidly obese, but I can stand to lose about 40 pounds, which I am working on since I have wedding to go to soon after New Year's. I am not really sensitive about it. Mu husband likes me the way I am, though I know it is not the most healthy way to live.

But I digress. I get on the scale and the nurse says. "180. Why?" Um... because I can't stop eating? Because the only exercise I do is when I walk my kid to school? Because I'm a pig? That's why!!!! This would not bother me as much if the nurse were herself within a normal weight range for her height. Alas, she has a little junk in her trunk, too. I said. "It doesn't say that at home (It says 175) and she says, "Yes. Sometimes it comes out here a little heavy, but it's calibrated, so it's right." Oh. Excuse me. I'm going out to my car and eat a box of ho ho's right now!

She leaves and the doctor comes in. This man is my least favorite of the three doctors in the practice. He is a total space cadet. He sounds just like Casey Kasem. I'm not kidding. When you're pregnant and he measures your fundal height (The top of your uterus), he draws a little line on your belly to measure to. I have asked him to stop and he refuses. He says that some husbands like to see where it is. I say, "I'm not here for you to draw on me. Put the pen away, Casey!" He gives me the test results from a culture another doctor did. A year and a half ago.

He checks me out and I'm fine. He gives me some prenatal vitmains and advice about what to do when we get pregnant again (I'm at a higher risk to have another ectopic pregnancy now.). He leaves, I get dressed and go out to the desk. He gives me a vitamin sample and I ask him when we can try again. He advises me to wait 2 more cycles before I get pregnant again. As I am filling in the last digit on the zip code on a form they gave me, he tells me I can go to the receptionist window or the waiting room to complete the form. I tell him I am finishing it now and I'm moving along. "Great," he says. I give my paperwork to the receptionist and I leave, grateful that I will never have to be there again.

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