Monday, October 10, 2005

My 5 Idiosyncrasies

The 5 Idiosyncrasies of Me(me)
Barb, the SFO Mom, tagged me. I'm not sure I can whittle it down to just 5. Here goes:

1. I need symmetry. For example: When I make my bed, which is not often, the medallion on the bedspread MUST be in the center of the bed. I will fuss with it, stepping from side to side over piles of laundry on the floor, until is is dead center. The craving for symmetry does NOT translate into neatness, but the piles of stuff must be of equal height. ;)

2. In a similar way, when eating candies like M&M's, I have to eat them in such a way that I chew the same number on each side of my mouth.

3. When I finish brushing my teeth, I re-brush to get all of the toothpaste out, and I must rinse and spit at least 5 times. No Joke: It takes me 5 minutes to brush my teeth.

4. I refuse to drink Pepsi. If my choices are Pepsi or thirst, I'll take thirst.

5. I eat the cookie part of a Twix bar first and then the caramel last. I also save the caramel in a Milky Way for last.


Arthur, the Angry Twin
Mark Mossa, SJ

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