Thursday, October 13, 2005

a report from the dungeon

"The Dungeon" is how I like to affectionately refer to my office. It is located on the lower level of the parish school. There are short windows near the ceiling. Prior to a few weeks ago, it had not been painted in more than 10 years. They also did not sweep my floor or collect my trash prior to 2 weeks ago, when I finally had a hissy fit all over the maintenace foreman, not the director since he is often nowhere to be found.

There are sewage pipes that run along my ceiling. They are now leaking very slowly. Is there a plumber on the way? Interesting question. I'm not sure. I was told 20 minutes ago that the plumber that the parish usually uses is installing new toilets on the second floor and is busy with that. He's got 5 minutes to tell me that the plumber is on his way before I start to scream. Or get on the phone with someone. Or I tell the parish secretary. I am pissed off (and perhaps, ON.

There's no love for the CCD lady.

A plumber HAS been called! Perhaps he will work on it today. At any rate, I'll be working from home today, thanks!

The pipe is a rainwater pipe, not a sewage pipe as the crew here thought. The dripis from condensation on the cold pipes. Yay!!!!

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