Monday, October 10, 2005

My further adventures in DRE-World

I went to a meeting of DREs in my county. We do this 4 times a year. We open, as we ought, with prayer. We take turns with coming up with what to pray. This time it was a Sister of St. Joseph's turn. We were, incidentally, in their convent since 4 of the DREs in the county live in this particular convent.

Would you not expect this prayer to address God at some point, especially given that he prayer leader was a sister? Unfortunately, if you read the above paragraph closely, you noticed that I was in a SSJ convent. Therefore, we worshiped autumn on Thursday. We did not give praise to God for the season of harvest. We did not give praise to God for cooler weather. We praised autmn for its autumn-ness. No mention of God. I should have known we were in trouble when she mucked around with the Sign of the Cross. Now I have to more urgent need to go to confession. This makes my heart bleed since my grandfather's sister was a SSJ of Chestnut Hill, the same as these sisters. It's probably good that Aunt Alice (That's Sr. Marie Lawrence to you) suffered from dementia in the last years of her life. She had no idea what some of the younger sisters were up to.

I am responsible for prayer at our March meeting. I am tempted to have us pray in Latin. Any good suggestions for someone like me, a total Latin Novice? I was also thinking about tapping good ol' Francis of Assisi for some reflection on God's creation, just to show how it is done.

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