Monday, March 06, 2006

I got to meet Penni

of martha, martha fame. Penni and Jimbo's cafe is delightful. Frought with drama as most businesses are. Penni is even more delightful and charming in person than she is on her blog, if you can believe it. DH and I were down the shore since our anniversary was this weekend (a last evening alone before the new baby comes and we are never alone again.) and I said to myself, well, Penni is near Atlantic City. Atlantic City is on the ocean. We'll be near the ocean. Let's drive down there for breakfast. And it was totally worth the drive to get there. We're going to have to get together again, Penni. I think Penni, Barb, and me and everyone else in the NY/NJ area should get together. I'd really like to meet Arthur the Angry Twin. Is he as intense in real life as he seems?

About breakfast:The DH and I had wonderful pancakes. Mine with a side of scrapple because i am from Pennsylvania and no one in North Jersey knows how to make it (OK, if you don't know what scrapple is, it's a breakfast, um.....meat which you slice very thin and fry and you don't ask what's in it or you will never eat it again. It's like sausage, only very finely ground with no casing and it has corn meal in it. It's spicy and extra nice with pancakes or eggs.). The DH had Taylor Ham because he's from North Jersey. That's pork roll to the rest of you. If you're near Atlantic City for anything, you should totally go by the Cologne Avenue Cafe. It's got really good food and the prices are quite reasonable.

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