Saturday, March 18, 2006

I was on retreat this weekend

Well, not the whole weekend. There was a women's cornerstone retreat at my parish Friday night and all day Saturday. I can't say I feel refreshed. I am more drained than anything.

See, folks, I'm toasted. I miss my family. I have seen my kids for about a total of 5 of the last 48 hours. We had an awesome Confirmation retreat at the parish last weekend and then this one where I was a table leader and presenter. And my Mom-mom's 80th birthday party was today and I couldn't go b/c I had committed to this retreat in October. I'm very close to Mom-mom and it stunk not to go and see my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Happy Birthday Mom-mom.

I don't think the problem was the retreat. I think it was me. I haven't really wanted to do this since February. I said I'd be a table leader before I knew what work it entailed. I am simply overextended and didn't really want to be there. And I'm not sure I needed a retreat right now. God and I are getting along pretty well. And I am so burnt out on my parish. Gosh, If I have to be in that church for anything other than Mass....I might just jump out a stained glass window.

Based on what the other women experienced, I would recommend any of the ladies reading this to try a Cornerstone retreat. The other women were deeply moved. I think I wasn't really open to it.

Better perspective in the morning, right?


Sunday Update:

Feeling better, thanks! Happy St. Joseph's Day!

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