Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don't go to Asbury Park, NJ

Please. If more people start going, they'll ruin it for my family.

We spent the whole day there. The beach was not crowded, nor was the boardwalk. The beach is *clean*! and they are rebuilding the old boardwalk. Tags were only $4 for each adult, kids under 12 were free and parking was free (b/c it was a weekday? I dunno. I tried to feed the meter and it didn't work. Then I realized all the meters were like that!)

So, please don't go to Asbury Park. And don't tell anyone else about what I just told you. Everyone will go and it will be crowded. But then, they are trying to revitalize the town, so maybe you should plunk down some cash, bask on the clean, cheap beach (with playground onthe beach for the kiddies), and spend some moey so they can restore all of the great old architecture before it crumbles into the Atlantic.

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