Monday, August 08, 2005

Miracle at church yesterday.

My elder boy participated in the Mass. And he was SOOOOOOO well-behaved. I have to say that both of our kids are usually quite good in church. We sit right up front so tha they can't get bored. I highly recommend this to my fellow parents out there. It was a tip for me from my friends Anne who has 3 kids. Put them right up front so they can see everything. And it works!

I digress. The boy and I have been talking about how he can follow along with the priest in Mass in the missalette. He's starting to read now, so he is quite interested. Well, the DH was at work on Sunday AM and went to the 7:30 Mass-we're usually at 9:00- so I sat the boy down before we left and told him that I expected him to start saying the prayers with us and to sit, stand, and kneel when appropriate. He was ok with that. We were running late, naturally, so we rushed in, sat down in the first pew and Mass began.

He followed along, started to sing the mass parts and everything. He knows the Lord's Prayer, so he prayed that with us. And he was ENGAGED. So refreshing! the younger was less well-behaved (but still good-he's not yet 2. Have to cut him some slack) but for the first time in a long time Mass was not stressful!

So one the way back to the house from the bakery (where they got 2 treats instead of just one for their excellent behavior) I asked the older boy is he felt like MAss that morning was different. He said it was-that he learned more. I am still basking in the glow from my little boy. He's getting so big. It will be time for First Holy Communion before we know it (4 years!). I know. Try to move past my dorkiness.

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