Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Put me in coach

Just found out at 8:30 last night that Primo is old enough to play Tee Ball this year. Problem: First game is Saturday.

Baseball is the only sport the boy is interested in. His friends are playing soccer. Wanna play soccer, Primo? "Nah. Not really, mom." But your best friend is playing soccer. Don't you want to play with him? "No." Okay.

We are a baseball family. DH played inhigh school and briefly in college. DH's dad was a coach until this year (he retired). He took the high school team he coached to the state championships 4 times in 6 years and won the final games twice. He was the large North Jersey Paper's coach of the Year three years ago. He's in our county's baseball hall of fame. They bleed pinstripes.

I'm at work last night when I find out that signups are over, but we're going to try anyway. I call my DH, who is putting the boys to bed to tell him the news. He asks Primo if he would want to play baseball on a team. The excited-5-year-old-boy-giggling starts. "Yeah!!!!!" They are tucked in. DH is downstairs when he hears, "Dad! Dad! I have to ask you something!" Yes? "What team will I be on?"

Let's ask for the intercession of St. Sebastian, patron of atheletes, that he can get on a team.

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