Monday, April 10, 2006

Thank you Easter bunny....

Have you ever had Monmouth Candies? Their Easter Chocolate is what the K of C in Toms River sold as a fundraiser, and it was, by far, the BEST chocolate! I miss it so much!

This comment from Chris, reproduced above, got me thinking. What is the Easter candy you can't go without? Or what is the Easter candy from your childhood that you totally miss?

For me, I miss the Stutz Candy Company (no link available). My family used to get all of its Easter Candy there. Bunnies, crosses, chocolate eggs, jelly beans (oh, the best jelly beans ever. For the longest time I wouldn't eat jelly beans if they weren't Stutz's). Excellent dark chocolate.

And how can you have Easter baskets without Peeps? Or Cadbury Creme Eggs (Though I prefer the caramel ones myself)?

So what rings your bell before Mass on Easter Morning? Do you raid or allow the kids to raid the basket before Mass? Before breakfast? Tell us in the comments.

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