Friday, April 28, 2006

Sacraments of initiation begin. Again

This Sunday the children in the parish school receive their First Holy Communion. Next Sunday, it's about half of the CCD kids, then the rest go on May 21. (Yes. I didn't schedule anything for Mother's Day. You know why? I don't like working on Mother's Day. I know it's a Hallmark holiday, but it's MY Hallmark holiday. And isn't it enough that I'm missing the Dan Zanes concert at Montclair State with my DH, mom, and the kids this Sunday? And I'm the DRE. So there. Nyah.) :)

Then, we have Confirmation on June 3. 2 Masses on one day. 110 kids receiving First Eucharist and 110 receiving Confirmation this year. Thos eare small groups. It's usually closer to 140 each.

So the chaos has begun. As I type, I am severely procrastinating on typing out the First Eucharist Certificates which I will be giving out on Sunday.

Please pray for me that I do not spontaneously combust due to the stress of the next 5 or so weeks.

Please pray for our parish, as our pastor is indeed retiring. May the Lord send us a half decent pastor who will not fire me when my contract is up.

Most of all, please pray for the boys and girls who are receiving these sacraments this year. Pray for their parents that they may foster their children's relationships with Christ.

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