Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Always after Daddy leaves

So, DH went to 7 pm Mass tonight. Primo was going to go with him (that would have made 2 Masses in one day for him). Primo had a bathroom emergency right before leaving and so DH went without him so he wouldn't be late for Mass.

When Primo emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, his hair was really wet. I didn't think much of it until he looked at me head on and there was a river of clear gook over his left eye. "Did you put gel in your hair?" "Yes." It looked like he had put half the tube in his hair. "Shower."

There was hair gel all over the floor and the toilet. He had indeed emptied half of the tube, mostly onto his head. So I had to shower the boy and then clean the bathroom.

Why is it they do this after their father leaves? They don't ever do stuff like this when he's here!

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