Friday, August 25, 2006

The other half of my brain is blogging!

My best girl friend from college has just started a blog called The Mother Load!

Aimee and I were both the same major in college and wound up taking most of the same classes and we were both RAs at school too. It was so bad that if one of our professors saw one of us alone on campus, they'd ask, "Where's the other Amy?" (Or Aimee if it was me walking somewhere). One of our English professors thought about writing a book sort of like Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" loosely based on us since we both had the same first name and our maiden names were both men's proper names. I don 't thinkhe ever did that. If he does, I think Dr. Myers will owe us some money ;)

Anyway, go check out The Mother Load. I'm adding my girl's blog to my blogroll.

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