Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm just saying

Saw this in the Star Ledger yesterday and it cracked me up then. Then I read it on Rocco's page this morning.

Archbishop Myers is a good bishop. His teachings have been very clear. I just think that when names get circulated as to who will replace whom in different dioceses, the frontrunner, the one whose name gets circulated most, is the one who rarely gets it. As you'll recall, the Rome diocese had a bishop opening about a year and a half ago, and no one had picked Cardinal Ratzinger for the job. Yet, there he is....

And the fact that another bishop says that Archbishop Myers is fueling those rumors himself, well, I just think that if that's the case, he's probably NOT going to get the Detroit job.

But, if he doesn't, I certainly hope that we get another good bishop. Bishop Edgar daCunha, one of our Auxiliaries, would be great. He's quite the superstar bridge builder up our way. Everybody loves him and I think he could get a lot done. That's my $.02, in case anyone from Rome is reading. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some housework to do. :)

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