Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chillin out, maxin' and relaxin', all cool

I am feeling much better now. Confirmation is over (yay!!!!!) We got our Masses done with not a hitch. The 10 am Mass took only an hour for 49 candidates. The 2 p.m. Mass took an hour and five for 58 candidates. And I don't know how the bishop did that! I guess when you've been confirming people for as long as he has, you figure out that keeping your homily to 10 minutes makes a big difference. And it didn't feel rushed. My mind still boggles.

The receptions afterwards went well, too. I have 2 part time secretaries, one of whom is beginning to make me truly insane. It's mostly because we have different personalities and she is pretty set in her ways. I also think she may have issues doing what I tell her to do since she's old enough to be my grandmother. I was going to write a big long story here, but I won't. Just pray for me and for her. She's really a good person and a very good secretary. I don't want to lose her. I have a feeling, though, that she may quit before summer is over.

My office is under construction, which is coming along slowly (I am learning to double the time estimate that the contractor gives you). But it's a much needed update which if I didn't get done now would have to be done in August when I cannot afford to be shut down for 2 weeks. That meant i had to hand write the certificates, pew markers, etc. I really busted my butt on Thursday and Friday. It's all good though. It's over.

Ah well, that's been my week. How was yours?

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