Monday, June 19, 2006

Life is a highway....

Summer is here and I want to get in the car and drive for a really long time.

My DH and I love driving places. We've driven to Pensacola, FL twice to visit friends (see post below), Charlotte, NC numerous times, and my brother and I drove from Philly to San Diego in 5 days in 1999 (northern route).

We took the children to Cars, their first movie in the theatre, and I left wanting to hit Historic Route 66. Sadly, DH and will have to wait for about 20 years till the kids have flown the coop.

There is also the fact of the price of gas per gallon. At $3 for 28 miles, we can't afford to drive "the highway that's the best" for a long time.

And as you can tell by the ticker, I am massively pregnant and probably could not tolerate a day or 2 in the car right now. My ankles are thanking me for typing that sentence.

So what does a girl do to satisfy her wanderlust? Day trips to the Jersey Shore will have to suffice.

No, not that Jersey Shore! This one:

That's better.

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