Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Graduation day!

Primo graduated Pre-K today. Next year he heads off to Kindergarten!

They had a brief ceremony at school this morning. When they walked in, I strated to cry. He looked so big up there! (Hormones, what hormones?)

He won the awards for being most creative. This is cleverly disguised as the "Biggest know-it-all award." My son is very smart and he reads a lot so he knows a lot. For example, an actual conversation during the week they were talking about fish:

"Mrs. Teacher, did you know that the lungfish that lives in Africa can stay alive for up to a year without water? It covers itself in sticky ooze and buries itself in the mud! Then when it rains, it comes out of the mud!"

I could go on. His teacher said that she learned something new every day from him and that sometimes she even went home to check his facts. And most of the time he was right!

So, Primo, congratulations. Mrs. Teacher, watch out 'cause Bubba's coming your way in September!

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