Thursday, June 15, 2006

To Aimee and Rob

From the day late, dollar short department:

Yesterday was my best friend's wedding anniversary. Nine Years. I remembered in a "I've got to call her, then life happened" kind of way.

Aimee and Rob and been great friends to me and to my husband. Aimee is Bubba's godmother. Aimee and I met in college. We were 2 of 4 Aimees (or Amys or Ameys) on our floor; we were both English majors, so we wound up taking a lot of classes together. It got so if one of our professors saw us on campus alone they'd ask: "So, where's the other one?"

Aimee met Rob through Rob's younger sister, who was also in our class. They went on a day trip to Gettysburg while Rob was in med school in upstate NY and their love grew through the US Mail. Rob entered the Navy after med school and they continued to write and call while he was in Florida. I don't think they spent more than a week in each others' physical presence in the 3 years they dated and were engaged before they got married. Maybe it was two weeks. Anyway, it was difficult for both of them.

They married about a month after Aimee graduated college. She picked up and moved to Pensacola with him. Then they were transferred to North Carolina. He decided to go reserve at the end of that tour because he was due to be shipped overseas next (Iceland anyone?).

They settled in PA, about an hour away from her parents, about half an hour from our Alma Mater. In 2004, right after Thanksgiving, Rob got called up. Thank God, he just had to go back to Pensacola because other Navy doctors were called overseas because of the war. He was gone by Christmas. It was not a great Christmas for Aimee and their Kindergartener and toddler. He came home in August of 2005 and I think that by now they are used to having each other around again. :) They expect a baby any time now.

Aimee and Rob are probably the most faith-filled married people I know. They sold us on NFP. They are a great example to those of us who are lucky to know them of what a Catholic married couple should be. Their marriage is truly a testament to God's love at work in the world.

So, raise your glass of iced tea, seltzer, water, or Kool Aid to Aimee and Rob. They're our great friends and we are blessed to know them.

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