Monday, June 12, 2006


So, just how long has it been since the last time a Philly Team won a National Title? well, according to the Cheesesteak of Suffering widget on my Mac, it has been 8, 421 days 14 hours and 10 minutes (give or take).

Why the drought? you may ask. Well, to explain, one must go back to a gentleman's agreement among builders in downtown Philadelphia that no one would build a building higher than the top of the hat on the statue of William Penn atop the tower of City Hall. As you can tell from the picture to the left (lovely as it is-thanks!), this agreement was broken (in the 1980's). Since then, Philly major league franchises haven't been able to win a title. I point you to the 1993 Phillies, who lost the World Series, then had an awesome season for the first half of 1994 until the Players' Strike happened. I point you to the Philadelphia Eagles, who appeared in the Super Bowl in 2004, only to run out of steam in the second half.

There have been many attempts to appease Mr. Penn, but I think that stuff like this only makes him madder.

I watched them put this outfit in Billy Penn in 1997 using a helicopter and crazy men rigged to the building. I was working in downtown Philadelphia at the time, 1 block south of City Hall on Broad St. The Flyers went on to choke facing the Red Wings, I believe. Again, no title.

I can't even follow my teams anymore. Earlier this season, I found out about the Phillies' 11 game win streak that had them just one game behind the Mets (stinkin Mets). They were in NY playing at Shea and I tuned in to watch them start a four game losing streak (I can only get them on TV where I am if they're playing the stinking Mets or the stinking Braves-I don't know whom I hate more!). The terrible thing about watching them on TV where I am is that I can't even hear Harry Kalas say "That ball is outta here!" (Can't find a sound file on that one to save my life).

Ah well. The Phils are playing the stinkin Mets in a 3 game series starting tomorrow, so I'll get to watch them on TV, if I feel like torturing myself.

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