Saturday, June 24, 2006

A wise decision

I have decided that a pregnant woman should not blog at nearly midnight when she's very tired and her husband has not returned from having a few beers at the guy across the street's house when he left three hours ago and she heard what she is 99.9999 percent sure was some idiot down the street setting off firecrackers but possibly could have been gunshots. She should turn off the computer and try to go to sleep even though he didn't take his keys with him and she cannot lock the door. All she can do is pray that for the sake of her family that he stumbles in sh*tfaced in an hour or so and that she can keep her mouth shut in the morning while he nurses his hangover at 9 am Mass.

And 10 minutes later she finds this at Danielle Bean's blog, via Barb's blog.

Now the pregnant woman sheepishly turns off her computer and goes to bed remembering that he is a good man who sacrifices constantly for his family. And he's home.

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